"Because Pink Nipples Aren't Offensive"

*Since I cried the majority of the way through writing yesterday's post, I thought I'd bring something a little lighter to the table today ;] Thanks so much for all of your support! These last few months in DFW should be fun!

One of the strangest things that I told Eamon when Lily was a newborn was

"Uh-oh...Babe, I think she's gonna have brown nipples, not pink"

Why on Earth was I so concerned with the color of my daughter's nipples, you [and my husband] ask? I feared she'll be faced with the sad truth that no one told me about- Pink nipples aren't offensive, but brown ones are.

Now before you think I'm worried about my girls going around flashing their peers, I'm talking about breastfeeding. I learned early on that in a crowded group of breastfeeding women, I gathered quite a few more looks than the other moms did. Then I realized- I was the only one with brown nipples. [I really need to ethnically diversify my group of friends...] Yep, it seemed that everyone seems to be okay with breastfeeding as long as you don't see what's really going on. Most people can ignore the fact that a mama's boob is in her baby's mouth if you just think about it as skin, but when you have a big brown areola staring back at you, even if just for a second, there's no denying what's going on.

Lily's first feeding

With number two I've realized there are a lot of things that I'm just not surprised by. I feel less defensive about how we raise our children and why we do it. I feel like I can say "Well, Lily's turning out just fine, and that's what we did with her" and receive less of an argument. I know my girls are completely different already, but being through it once already gives me confidence that even if the situations aren't the same with Norah, I can do it. I feel more confident as a mother when I'm out with the two of them. [I say that now...stay tuned for the post following the day I actually take the two of them out by myself!]
And sometimes I feel that things are a little harder for me though, like breastfeeding. Not only do I feel like I have to fight the "only mamas with little perky boobies that are hidden by their baby's head" get to nurse without an uncomfortable [this is Texas, y'all. Feel free to read that as "hotter than hell"] nursing cover state of mind, but I have to fight the pornographic fear of brown nipples too. Then I remember that God gave my girls to me. That not only did he oversee the making of my girls inner parts in my womb, but He did the same for me! He knew my hair would be course and thick, my skin would be olive tinted, and even that my nipples would be brown. He knew where I'd live and how the culture would react to such a thing, yet He's called me to carry all of my attributes with Grace and modesty [which can be achieved with a cover up as well as without one] If I can do that, well, I've brought honor to Him!

I guess tonight when Eamon are in the middle of our daily rundown of events [which is always WAY TOO LATE, making me want to throw a tantrum and scream, "LET ME GO TO SLEEP!!!"] I can tell Eamon " I learned I can bring glory to God with my brown nipples!" What about you? What are some unexpected ways that God has used you or your parenting to bring glory to Him?

Hope you're having a great week so far!