First Day of Spring

The weather has been absolutely beautiful lately, and the first day of spring marks just another day that I'm still pregnant :]

I got a LOVELY gift yesterday from some sweet friends of mine, Esther, Lesley, and my doula Leila. They came over with cleaners and brooms and trash bags, and scrubbed the dirty out of my apartment!! I feel like such a failure sometimes for not being able to keep the house clean like I want it to be, but each one of them said "Oh, you can't do that when chasing toddlers" Ha! So my kitchen and bathrooms are sparkling and my living room and bedrooms are cozy and's SO nice. Eamon took Lily on a date while the ladies cleaned up. When he came back he said "...So...they just came over to clean our house?" YUP! "...that's SO weird!" It is so foreign to the both of us to just have friends who do stuff for you just because! They're such a light of Jesus...


Anyway, I feel like there is such a weight lifted off of my shoulders. Every night when I go to bed I think "But if I go into labor tonight I'll have this and this and this to do" It's kinda been stressing me out. But now everything is set up. The pool is inflated, hoses are ready, all of the supplies are where the midwives and doula can get to them, a girl's and boy's outfit are picked, my postpartum basket and a baby essentials basket are filled and accessible, Lily's activities are planned out for her and daddy. It's all coming together :]

I'm now starting to prepare myself for being pregnant past the 40 weeks, even though I'm already so uncomfortable and so ready. Yesterday I woke up in the wee hours of the morning to cramps and irregular contractions, but they stopped after a few hours and then I got nada, lol.

Here are the stats

  • 39.5 weeks pregnant
  • 30 pounds gained [I've been walking 30 mins every night to get ready for the birth and to build momentum for post partum]
  • just now getting swollen fingers and feet
  • appetite is not as monstrous as it was
  • sleep is not coming easily
  • Baby's head is way...WAAAY down low
  • and I wouldn't be surprised if at any moment my legs separated from my hips in order to let my hips splay out more

Well this is my Due Date week, let's see if any of your predictions come true :]