It's a....


or girl :]
It's gotta be one or the other, right? ;]
Don't you send me hate mail!

Yesterday we started our baby registry [don't worry, neither of those outfits are on it, lol] and got to spend a little time planning for him/her. Those of you with multiple kids know what little time you actually get to do this with the other one[s] running around all day! It was nice.

Also in yesterday's events was me falling directly onto my tail bone and sits bones. I was sitting on my [brand mother effing new, UGH!] yoga ball, CORRECTLY! and it popped right from underneath me. I have given birth naturally, and maybe shed one tear...I cried for five minutes after that. It hurt SO BAD...and still does. It threw a lot of stuff out of allignment and I'm still feeling pretty rough, really looking forward to some confidence from my midwife at our appointment today.

I found this amazing article earlier called "Become an Approachable & Empowering Natural Childbirth Advocate" and think it's amazing! You should go check it out!

Well, lots to do around here, hope your weekend was wonderful!