What Pregnancy Has Taught Lily

Sometimes I joke about all the things Lily has learned since I got pregnant. She is a little sponge these days so every day I spend growing her sibling, she is presented with new knowledge. We watch birthing videos to prepare her for the sights and sounds that might go on when Baby comes, I let her play with my belly and we talk about how to take care of newborns. But there are some things Lily has come to learn...all on her own.

How to throw up over the toilet
This was first in the series of "Lily's pregnancy" that made me fall over laughing. I was brushing my teeth one morning and there she was, standing over the toilet, spitting, sayin "BLAAAAAGHHH!!!! BLAAAAAGGGHHH!!!" and would get up on her tippy toes every time she lurched. She even got the toilet paper and wiped off her mouth.
Rubbing my back when I puke
This one is really sweat, actually. Eamon rubs my back if he's here and tells Lily "Mama's not feeling good, can you come be sweet?" And Lily toddles over and starts to rub my back saying "Sweet"
She knows how to say "taco"
Like I've said before, beans and cheese are the only thing that appease this baby, so Lily and I find ourselves frequenting the Bueno's and Bell's of the DFW. It's become such an often occurance, that she picked up on "taco" The most hillarious part of this happened this weekend when we went to the zoo. We were sitting in the car and Lily was in the back seat eating her bean and cheese soft taco, talking to herself. In her broken baby English she said, "Haf to Baba! Haf to taco, Baba" ...She was telling her "baby" she "has to eat the taco" ....Not that she hears me justifying eating them or anything... I about died laughing!
She cheered when we heard Baby's heartbeat
This is by far the sweet treasure that has come out of this learning experience with Lily. At our 12 week appointment, I was sure she thought that Angela was torturing me, and the Doppler was emitting sounds from a deep underworld for sure, just not my womb. She cried, screamed, kicked, outright threw a fit over my exam....and dangit, she wasn't going to do it again. I've been prepping her for our 16 week appointment [which was on Monday] to try and avoid another meltdown. When it came time for Angela to feel my tummy and hear the baby...Lily was apprehensive, but cooperative. As we all sat there holding our breaths, waiting to hear that beautiful whooshing noise [only hearing lots of kicks :] Lily started to show panic. I told her it was ok, we were waiting to hear baby. As soon as the heartbeat picked up, Lily, without cue, starts clapping saying "YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!" We then lost the sound of the heartbeat because I was laughing so hard. It was quite a joyous start to our week indeed.
Well, this weekend we are headed to Rockport and Kerrville to see some friends and family and take some photos, but I'll be back soon :] Hope you all have an AMAZING weekend and that this fall weather actually starts acting like it!