My Life in Bullets

Alright, I'm followin the trend!

  • My pregnancy dreams are getting out of control! One minute I'm in Thailand fighting off snakes, the next I'm back home gettin dirty- Draper style, and the night before I was kidnapped trying to get my twitter followers to call 911 for me. I have an over active imagination sometimes...
  • Go freakin comment on my guest blog on Mommypotamus!!!! NOW! I can win my own blogger domain, a fancy schmancy blog, and hosting for a YEAR!
  • Lily is a trash digger. No for real. We haven't been able to fill up a trash can in so long because she gets down in there and pulls out egg shells and banana peels and general gross things.
  • I've gone to bed the past two nights before 9 pm while reading. And I'm not ashamed.Which leads me to my next bullet...
  • I read, and loved The Shack. Lemme be REAL honest for a sec...I didn't want to read it because most of the people that rave about it are way more wholesome than I and think that any representation of God where He doesn't have a white flowy beard, balding head, pudgy tummy and sit on a thrown on top clouds is just OUT THERE... So I was EXTREMELY skeptical going in. But man oh challenged me, broke me, helped heal some DEEP wounds, and entertained me for a few nights. All that said...go read it!
  • Yesterday, I'm not exactly sure what was going on, but I became quite fearful for Baby Love's life...weird cramps and contractions but no spotting. I had great friends and my midwife praying for me and it all stopped shortly after. What a relief! I can't believe I doubt God even though He blesses me unconditionally.
  • Tonight there Ann Crowell and I are hosting a Baby wearing demo and Cloth diaper show by Hip Green Baby at the Gentle Beginnings Birth Center in Hurst! If you are in the area, COME SEE US! 7 pm!
  • I feel my sexiest and most confident when I'm pregnant. Yup...apart from the first few weeks of "No way, you did this to me, GO AWAY" and the last few weeks of "Nuh Uh! Nothings comin in here till this thing comes out!" my husband is a very grateful man when I'm pregnant. As a result we are on the same page A LOT more..and who wouldn't be happy about that?!
  • My upstairs neighbors REAL! I am going to dedicate a post to them soon and maybe even write a book about them...but Lily and I watched ecstatically from the window as load by load they moved stuff down from their apartment. It's been a nightmare ladies and gents, but I'm glad it's OVER!
  • Sometimes I wish I was more secure in my racial identity...or lack thereof.
  • Go read this right now. I'm sure there are a lot of you out there can relate...I laughed a good bit during the entirety of this!