I know, I know...I'm an awful blogger. But YOU try throwing up, cleaning poop, breaking up interspecies fights and blogging all at once.

But I will be back this evening with a short update of how everything is going.
The Mommypotamus is on maternity leave, but she didn't want to leave her readers bored. So she opened this amazing contest to help her out. She's having a guest blogger every day for a few weeks to give her a break. The person with the most comments on their blog post gets their very own fancy schmancy blog and their own domain FOR A YEAR!!!
People, I'm the most hilarious, beautiful, wise woman you know! And a pathological liar at times...but that's not the point. Go to my post [it's open for comments til the last blogger blogs!] and comment your heart out!!!! Get your friends to comment, your cat to comment, or even that person in high school that you dread will one day find you and want to be your friend even though they were evil to comment. [My brain is...much too crowded today...]
Get to gettin!
And yes...I realize that my post may be the only one that isn't breaking new ground on "scientific analysis of why organic blah blah blah does blah blah blah for the blah blah blah" or that it isn't as sentimental as "why my baby's head smells better than anything in the whole wide world"'s still awesome. GO COMMENT!!!!
See ya lata!