NO! SLEEP! TIL BROOKLYN! [style pizza]

Guess who went to bed at 11 last night in hopes of a long, luxurious sleep?

But wait...who only got four hours of sleep [which is probably the most she's had all week!] las night?

I don't know how many of you follow me on Twitter and Facebook, but I have said before that Lily wakes up from a dead sleep anytime we have pizza, it's kinda scary actually. She loves it. 90% of the time it's homemade so I don't mind but last night we ordered Domino's.

Let's back up a little bit further.
We have NO groceries in our house. None. Nada. Last night I improv'd dinner and it wasn't good. Or filling. For me anyway.
I did have some chicken that we needed to finish off, a can of crushed tomatoes and some onions and some cous cous. So I made "soup" out of the tomatoes, water, salt, onions and garlic, and a little milk. It was gross. I served it over cous cous and ate two bowls because I was so hungry. Lily ate two wings and a leg of the chicken. I was so excited. The more protein she eats, the harder she sleeps. I ate supper with her even though I usually eat when Eamon comes home because I was so hungry and planning on going to bed early.

I got her to sleep, NO problem. Cleaned up the house, blogged, relaxed, was ready for Eamon to come home and go to sleep. But at 930 [when Eamon gets off of work] I got so hungry I almost puked. He usually gets out at about 935 so I called him at 940 to ask him to pick me up some more food. No answer. At 942 he walked in the door.
Usually, I'd be thrilled that he was home twenty minutes early. But my stomach was eating itself and I was trying not to show him I was pissed. He didn't feel good so he headed home early. I really didn't want to be the horrible wife that slapped her sick husband for not feeding her.

I panicked! No food, pregnant woman, hormones, sick husband...WHAT WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO?!?!?!
I went to the Domino's website. Ordered a LARGE mushroom Brooklyn style pizza. And waited as though I might die if the delivery guy didn't show up in the next ten seconds. I watched the computer screen INTENTLY watching the progress bar as it went from "taking your order" to "prep" to "bake" to "quality check" to "delivery."
Juan finally arrived with our..ahem, MY pizza. I sat down, opened the box, inhaled the chemical concoction smell that filled the air, and heard Lily wake up. I SWEAR, this kid KNOWS when there is pizza in the house. I had a theory that she just heard the oven timer go off and that she just knew THAT meant pizza. Nope. She got out of bed, walked down the hallway and waited to see if I indeed had pizza. I finally came out of the corner I was hiding in and she waddled over sticking her hands out waiting for her slice. I gave her a piece of crust and let her sit with us while we watched The Office. Eamon ate one slice and Lily ate one bite of one of my slices. I ate the rest. Every last bite.

Then it hit me [no, not that I was poisening my unborn child] Lily was up. LILY WAS UP! I'm supposed to be going to sleep and LILY IS UP!!!!!!

So, eight times last night I put Lily back in bed. Rocked her, tried not to nurse her too much, rubbed her tummy, sang...whatever it took.
At FOUR THIRTY she gave up the fight. Untill about 630. She then took her baby doll, and blanket and came into our room, for the eighth time. And I gave up. Whatever kid.

SOMEHOW she is alive and perky this morning and I look like a zombie.

So, all of that was to just give you some back story to my question,
Anyone have some crack cocain?