"M" Is For...

Morning Sickness:
It is never ending. But my poor husband and Lily now know when it's coming. They know if I say "Aw Man!!!" [or something else that I sh
ould NOT be saying around my daughter] and start running for the bathroom it's time to grab the peppermint oil, cup of water, and come hold my hair. Last night I g
ot caught in a viscous cycle of dry-heaving...it was awful. I thought I was gonna die...[actually, what I was thinking is that "Why is it that I puke so much but I don't have a six pack?" my abs are SORE from these stupid upside down trips the the toilet.]
Madmen:We've got the fever...For real. We got rid or our basic cable to cut back on expenses and got a Blockbuster trial...I just want to watch it forever. There's a little too much sexy sex, but it's not "HBO bad." I thin
k if more people knew what kind of TV characters I drool over...they'd judge me...BUT I CARE NOT! Don Draper, you bad, BAD man...I love you. You too, Joan.
Milk: Weaning Lily is going great. She goes all day without any milk. Last night I came home from yoga and Eamon had Lily fed, bathed, and was rocking her to sleep! SHE SLEPT ALL NIGHT!!!! It was amazing indeed.
Mommypotamus: The Mommypotamus [aka, my friend Heather] is an amazing blogger. She just announced the most awesome giveaway ever in order to have continuous guest posts on her blog while she's on "blog related" maternity leave, as I call it. GO CHECK IT OUT!!!
"M" was also supposed to be for Monday... but I didn't get a chance to finish this yesterday ;]
And this is what my dreams look like...Minus Kate Suckling, Randy Jackass...but somehow Jimmy Fallon does slip through...
Have a great Tuesday all!!!