Meal Plan Monday

Don't worry, I have a two part post[s] coming up all about our crazy Birthday Week Extravaganza- with a photo frenzy!

Now, I have to apologize for my lack of meal plan sharing. We've been SO busy and SO strapped for money that I've had to be really creative which has left me little time to blog the whole ordeal! I've also decided to change it up a bit, to reflect my actual meal plan sheet as well.

Lily and I will be adding Chicken into our diets this week. VERY small amounts at first, but the more research I do...the more I'm convinced I should be eating meat. I actually think it could be adding to my problem of weight loss, and I KNOW not eating meat is part of my anemia problem [though I've had it all of my life]. Eamon is also starting to suffer bc he eats so much at home...and the chef isn't preparing enough protein :[ And since I am doing this based on research and conviction, you better believe we'll be getting free range, hormone free, magic chickens.

So, here's what we got cookin in the kitchen this week :]

B Oat Bran with Applesauce
L Leftover Pizza/salad
D Italian Orzo with Grilled Shrimp

B Scrambled Eggs w/toast
L Beans/brown rice
D Curried Chickpeas w/chicken

B Oatmeal w/Goat Yogurt & Honey
L Salad with Shrimp
D Lentil/Walnut Burgers

B Fried eggs w/soda Bread Scones
L Cold Tomato/yogurt Soup with Scones
D Chicken Pad Thai

B Muesli
L Black Bean Quesadillas w/quacamole
D Tuscan Kale and White Bean Soup *new

B Omlet
L Chicken Tenders w/Cous Cous w/greens
D Pizza

B Pancakes
L Spaghetti and Portabella caps w/marinara
D Flounder w/wild rice and roasted zuccini

Hope you have a fantastic week! Stay tuned for some ParTAY pics ;]