Meal Plan Monday

After five days of 1-3 hours of sleep, I gave up fighting last night and just let Lily sleep with us last night, and got some rest!!! WHOO! I was about to die I tell you. Just fall over and die and have the neighbors call the police because Lily would be crying for milk and I won't wake up. [OH COME ON, you KNOW you have that nightmare sometimes...]

Still no new job for Eamon, still working on him going back to school, still tyring to just hang in there.
I got a very sweet email from a friend the other day. She was trying to encourage me by telling me that her husband doesn't have a degree either, but he found an awesome job, plenty of time to spend with the family, make enough money to support them, and that they just enjoy life in general, SO HANG IN THERE! And I wanted SO BADLY to be like, "Hey, you're right! It could happen for us!"
But even until now I just think..."Awesome God. You really DO do this for everyone else but us. Thanks for the reminder." And while MY individual life is far from that of Job's, Eamon's isn't. His life is so hard and trying, and being a light for Jesus to shine through for him is very hard. [Especially when I start to think about the fact that God let the devil KILL his wife and child...]
BUT ANYWAY. This isn't a "Oh, poor pitiful us, WAAAAH" post, so just keep us in your prayers and slap me when you see me to slap me out of it, ok? Thanks ;]

Here's what we're cooking this week!

B Scrambled eggs
L Cous Cous with Swiss Chard [from the garden!] and beans
D Spinach Lasagna adapted from Martha

B Pancakes
L Garlic-y spaghetti with zuccini
D Flounder with Roasted Zuccini and Eggplant with Wild Rice

B Eggs in a basket
L Salad with Shrimp
D Black bean and Chicken burritos

B Oatmeal w/Goat Yogurt & Honey
L Tuna Fish Sandwiches with Mediterranean Garbanzo Salad...DROOL
D Vegetarin stir fry with Soba noodles

B Scrammbled eggs
L Linguine with Green Pea pesto
D Lentil Soup

B Baked Oatmeal
L Black Bean quesadillas [they were so good last week, we just HAVE to have them again!
D Pizza

B Eggs
L Udan Soup
D Roasted Chicken with mashed sweet potatoes and Roasted Corn

Oh! Head over to Mae B Photography on FB to see my last maternity shoot I got to do yesterday!