Losing It

My belly that is, and slowly my mind...but I think that's unrelated.

I don't know if I shared the news here, but before I went on vacation [emphasis on the BEFORE, I probably ate more sugar on vacation than I have all year...] I weighed myself at our family doctor and I lost ten pounds for the month of May :] FINALLY some progress!
And let me tell you, it was hard.

But, I wanted to share some of the actions I've been taking to make these changes possible and hopefully they keep on coming!

1. I got help from someone who I knew wouldn't put me on some diet pill, tell me to stop breastfeeding, and tell me to eat 500 calories a day. Dr. Jim Bob is not only my former employer, but my go to health guy and family friend. Him and his wife Cindy know so many things about what God has made our bodies to do, naturally, and I always feel safe with their advice. So, during one of my bi-monthly adjustments at LFWC we talked about my struggles losing weight. We found out that I am estrogen dominant, which was making it that much harder for my body to let go of the fat that was in my body. So with his help, I started makin more changes.

2. I cut out the simple carbs that were turning into sugar in my body. No more white rice, all brown. And even though we were eating whole wheat bread/bagels/pita I made it a rule to only eat it once a day-either at lunch or supper. So instead of having toast or a bagel in the morning with my eggs [it was really just to fill me up and give me an excuse to eat butter and honey] I have a small amount of oatmeal or goat's milk yogurt. It fills me up and satisfies my sweet tooth. And if I don't have either of those, I steam up some apples and a dab of butter :] The carbs I do eat are prepared by me about 95% of the time and soaked overnight. I also stopped baking as much, but did allow a cookie every now and then so I wouldn't go on a crazy purge.

3. I have awesome support from my husband and friends. I think this is the biggest thing you could have!

So, as I get back into the swing of things, post vaca mind and all, I'm going to add regular work outs again. Not as fast, not as often, but definitely thorough and regular.