A Home for The Burkes: We Hit a Road Block

So a few months ago, I let you in on a little secret. We had started making plans to move to Rockport. And while I was telling myself over and OVER again, "Don't get your hopes up, Mae. It might not work out."

Well, for one reason or an other, the house is not up for grabs any more. So we will NOT be moving to Rockport this summer. But after months of coming to terms with how much better it would be for our family, we have decided that this is something we want to work towards.

Cons of not moving this summer:

  • We won't be getting the immediate support of our family who would be so close.
  • We will still be in our apartment.
  • We already un-committed to going on our grand road trip across country with the Brownings :[
  • I won't get to start my photography business. I refuse to try to compete with the amazing photographers we have here, many who are our friends. I have had this passion for some time now, but it seemed like the "bandwagon" so to speak, was overflowing, competitive, and sometimes-really mean. I couldn't even take my camera to a good friend's wedding this past weekend because I didn't want to "step on the photographer's toes." [Even though I have ZERO interest in shooting weddings.] I'll be doing a post soon enough on why I have fallen in love with this artform.
  • Most importantly- we're unsure of where that puts us for expanding our family. We could proceed to grow our family and use our amazing birth team but not have the help of family. Or we could try to hold off until we get to Rockport

Pros of not moving this summer:
We don't have to move this summer! Haha. We have moved every summer since we graduated highschool, and are sick and tired of it, lol. Although, if Eamon finds a new job [PLEASE, JESUS!] that makes it easier for us to be a family and requires us to move locations in the DFW, or our current apartments try to screw us over when we renew our lease, we may have to move. Again, I just wish I knew.
We've sorta made a family here of our own. It's not where we'd like it to be, but we've really started making connections- FINALLY!
I won't have to uproot my garden, hehe. I know that's lame, but I felt really sad that I wasn't going to keep up my garden all summer.
Most importantly- Eamon and I may get to fulfill a committment that we made with the Lord when we got married. We came home from our wedding and stood in our kitchen, vowing to God that we would stay in one place for two years. We were kidna forced out of that, and it still eats at us. So, if we don't end up moving for any other reason, we will get to live out that committment. It really relieves my heart.

So we will be staying, getting to know some of you more and more, and finding our purpose here- which is slowly being revealed as learning contentment.

I hope you all have a great evening and thanks to all of those who entered the contest!