I can't believe it, but this is my 101st blog entry here on "Mother, Mae I?"!

We had a ton going on this weekend, so I didn't even have a CHANCE to update. There was our mini Mother's Day celebration at Central Market, one of my old roomie's wedding, and my very first newborn shoot!

What do you mean, "what do you mean, newborn shoot?"
Well my friends, I have jumped in to the photography world. In my stubborness, regardless of what it takes, we WILL be moving to Rockport. Rockport, and the surrounding Coastal Bend, unlike DFW isn't overly saturated with photographers, and there aren't any birth photographers. The market is wide open, and I'll be able to finally pursue a passion of mine that I have yet to have the opportunity to explore.
Wanna see that precious newborn? Go here to check it out. [And don't forget to follow me! ;]

Which leaves me to entice you to enter my amazing giveaway.

$20 Gift Card to Cafe Medi!

Now, I know some of you have no idea what or where this is, but do you really think I'd lead you down the wrong culinary path?

Cafe Medi is a local Greek/Mediteranean resturaunt that I get cravings for on a bi-weekly basis. Hummus? Amazing. Falafel? Amazing. Spanikoptia, shawerma, gyros, green beans? Amazing, amazing, amazing, AMAZING! Lunch time is the perfect time for family, and their lunch menu is far from wimpy! As a matter of fact, the last time we went, Lily sat in her highchair eating all of my green beans, half of our hummus, and even snuck a piece of pita [ninja baby]! At dinner the lights, are dim, the guests are overly fascinated at how cool they are for being awesome, and the waiters put on a show any chance they get. On a busy night you can here/yell OPA! a dozen times before your meal is over, customary when the waitress egnites the flaming cheese :] It is my most favorite date spot to go with my man.

SO here's how to enter:
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There is a limit of five entries per day and the winner will be announced on Wednesday morning! Good luck!

I'll be back later this evening with Meal Plan Monday :]