Meal Plan Monday

Sorry for my absence last week! But the Burke househould is finally...well, almost in order. It was a whole lotta work, but I'm glad we did it.
My family was down for the weekend to spoil us, and it was so sweet. My sisters stayed here while my parents went on a date Saturday night. While making them some pizza, Alli decided it was time for her to get baptized! SO, I did it in my bath tub! It was amazing! And I'll be able to keep an eye on her when we move to RPT.

Oh, and before I forget. I have to brag a little here, Last week I meal planned for the whole month! I cannot tell you how awesome that felt!
Now, on to some food!

Monday: Whole wheat Maccaroni with Roasted Veggies

Tuesday: We're bringing sides and dessert to the Brownings. We are gonna try this awesome Israeli dessert of Medjewel dates, filled with tahini, topped with a walnut and baked with honey on top. Mmmmm.

Wednesday: Beans and Rice [brown for me] with crawfish

Thursday: Pad Thai with tempeh...mmm

Friday: Black Bean Soup

Saturday: Pizza [I've got it good with about 2/3 wheat. Anything more than that ends up yucky ]

Sunday: Spank-o-pita with Hummus

My prayer for you this week is more specifically for the wives who read my blog. Sorry, fellas ;]
I pray that the Lord brings divine words from Him through your husband this week. That He will do amazing works in your husband that you will learn to respect, cherish, and obey. Let no negative words about your husband [or at all!] come out of your mouth this week and see what it can change in your relationship. I pray that He can give you an unending amount of patience to show no "attitude" towards him, and that your home's peace is abundantly multiplied!

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!