Meal Plan Monday

This past week I received the most amazing thing I've ever, ever used in my life. Ok, that's a little much, BUT REALLY!
Nourishing Traditions is a wonderful book that
"recommends includ[ing] the consumption of unprocessed or minimally-processed foods including: traditional fats (animal fats, dairy fats, olive oil, and fish oils, among others), organic fruits and vegetables, raw dairy products, soured or lacto-fermented dairy and vegetables (such as sauerkraut), whole grains (soaked or soured to neutralize their phytic acid), and bone stocks."

I got a lot of questions about whether or not I was going to stay vegetarian, and yes I am. I am excited to use all of the information on pulling as much nutrients from our food, and finding some new ways to use fish. One more thing that is awesome about Eamon being a sushi chef? Sneakin some fish corpses home to make stock! Be jealous...
[Ok, not really, that's sinful]

Here's what's on the menu this week:


  • Steamed egg yolks [I crack the egg, removing the white (maybe save them for something later on that day, but usually not) place the egg yolk carfully into a collinder (or steaming basket would work too) and place in a pot with an inch of simmering water covered for about 5 mins. Allow to cool and add a little salt]
  • Fruit or veggies steamed

Steamed eggs
Scrambled eggs w/sautéed veggies
Soaked Oatmeal
Soaked Muesli
Soaked Panckakes [SO good, we served them last week with Amish butter and raw, local honey and steamed fruits. It was very filling! We used the recipe right out of NT because I didn't really like most of the ones I found online]


  • Salad w/pan fried fish [talapia, flounder, or salmon]
  • Fish [the same mentioned above] with brown rice and steamed veggies
  • Hummus plate


  • Laver [nori]
  • Fruit/veggies
  • kale chips
  • turnip chips
  • sweet potato fries

Monday: Tortellini with black olives and artichokes

Tuesday: We're grillin at the Brownings this week if the weather holds up.

Wednesday: Sprouted Sloppy Lentils [a variation on this recipe] on soaked wheat buns

Thursday: Stir fry with brown rice

Friday: White bean soup

Saturday: Pizza [made my first soaked what thin pizza last week! Very good, even though I sorta ruined it, lol ]

Sunday: Angel Hair pasta with feta, cherry tomatoes and broccoli.

From cooking so much, two things have happened.
One: I got sick of cooking one night last week! HA!
resulting in
Two: Not home cooked meals make me sick. We ordered Domino's [which I used to LOVE] and it made me...well, not good. Same with Bueno. I am doomed to eat my own cooking for the rest of my life. Crap. HAHA!
So, this is why I must insist that everything that comes out of my kitchen promots optimum health for my family :] I highly reccomend getting a copy of Nourishing Traditions to any one in charge of their family's health.

What are you eating this week? Join us for Meal Plan Monday every week!