Meal Plan Monday

Thanks to my awesome friend Heather, I'm going to be starting a new theme for Mondays!
I have thought about doing this for a while, but I honestly hadn't REALLY gotten the hang of it yet.
But, for the past month, wait TWO MONTHS! I've done great.

I did something that makes meal planning SO much easier for me. I make each night themed [I believe I may have mentioned this before...]
Sunday -Saturday this is how it goes Comfort Food, Italian, Lost night at the Brownings [I collaborate with Katie on this meal as we usually eat supper together], Beans, Asian [from Thai to Indian and everything in between] Soup, and Pizza. Every meal is made at home, from scratch. Most of my recipes are from "The International Vegetarian's Gourmet" or "Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker" [of which I should be getting my own copy of any day now! Come on Amazon, the library misses its copy!]

Here is what we're eating at the Burke house this week:

Monday: Fettuccine with Lentils Bolegnese [VSC]

Tuesday: Soup, salad, breadsticks]

Wednesday: Pizza bean subs [SUCH a fun and easy recipe from VG!]

Thursday: Stir fry w/Shitake soup [my own recipes for both, the soup is AMAZING!]

Friday: Lentil soup w/kale ribbons

Saturday: Medi Pizza [homemade dough, usually with steamed veggies and great ingredients]

Sunday: Fish with roasted veggies [Whatever fish we happen to have with roasted zucchini, carrots/sweet potatoes and olives, AH-mazing! Out of a wonderful Seafood cookbook "The Young Man and The Sea. It has BEAUTIFUL, simple, and delicious recipes for all types of sea life.]

Hopefully, this will be something I can keep up. Try to make the most of this very dreary Monday!

OX, Mae