Meal Plan Monday

Last night I went to the most BEAUTIFUL wedding I've ever been to.
It was for my sweet friend and midwife, Abby Sal... I mean, Mahoney ;] Their families are Messianic Jews which reflected heavily in their ceremony, AND of course the reception, SO much fun, beautiful tradition, and officially the record for tears shed by me, lol.
I'll post more details later!

Because of the wedding, I'm recycling one of last week's recipes for Sunday, ENJOY!
Monday: Scallops and Rotini with pesto and cherry tomatoes [heavenly! From Young Man and the Sea]

Tuesday: We're bringing frozen veggies and homemade lemon squares to the Brownings.

Wednesday: Chilli [I'm thinking about putting corn in it...I'm in a weird mood...]

Thursday: Pad Thai with shrimp...mmm

Friday: Tuscan white bean soup

Saturday: Pizza [I keep revising the dough recipe, but I don't think I like my whole wheat recipe : ]

Sunday: Lentil Pockets with yogurt tahinni

With the inspiration I received last night from the wedding, here is my prayer for you this week.
I pray that your relationship with the Lord is overwhelming this week. That you allow Him to pursue you as the most intimate of lovers with hardiest provision in mind. May your love for your family grow exponentially this week as you thank your mother and father for the love that share and grow [or shared at one point], for your spouse that plans to multiply that love my integers, and for the children that Our Father has given you to pour that love into.

OX, Mae