FOTC Friday and Recipe Vote

Ok, so things have been crazy.
My poor husband is dealing with my hormones that are OFF THE CHARTS y'all. I mean crazy. But for some reason, he still comes home every night. Bless that man. Lily has been waking up about 4 hours earlier than she used to, and MAN is it taking its toll on me. Waiting up for Eamon to get home and going to sleep when he does is only about 6 hours before she wakes up, not including the 2x I have to wake up and nurse her. She starts off in her crib, but ends up in our bed by morning. So ya, I'm running on about 4-5 hours of sleep's killer.
I've been scowering the interwebz for a new phone since mine hopped in the sink last week [yet another obstacle to overcome in the "communication breakdown" department of marriage!] and for a camera to take pictures for my shop.

Well on to FOTC.
This week, instead of doing something with both of the fellas, I'm gonna stick with Jemaine. While watching a movie the other day, I saw this preview for one of Eamon's favorite children's book turn movie "Dispicable Me"
So, here it is! Can't wait to see it!

And here are your choices for recipes this week!
This weeks theme? Asia
1. Shitake Mushroom Soup
2. Rice with Almonds, Pinenuts, and Honey [VERY good with a super spicey stir fry!]
3. Lentil Wontons

Be sure to vote here by Sunday @ 4!
The recipe with the most votes will be shared at that time.
Now, GET TO VOTING! And have an awesome Friday ;]