FOTC Friday and Recipe Vote

Still a lot going on here.
Today I drove Eamon to work, then started to drive to Plano to show some flowers to a shop there. Halfway there, I figure I should give her a call, just in case. She says she's interested but today isn't I turn around.
I get to Southlake and try to sell to a few of those fancy shmancy baby boutiques there. The all want those tacky silk flowers with rhinestone centers. Every last one of them. It's so stupid. I felt super discouraged on the way home. However, once I did get here, I found that I sold some flowers this morning on Etsy, so that was great.

Last night something that I have been contemplating over for a long time laid really heavy on my heart. There is a passion that I have that I think needs to be put in to action. I'm afraid that I may be "unqualified" or something else. But I feel so in love with this, that I hope it's one of the desires that the Lord has placed on my heart for a reason.
I started working a little on that today... I sent an email to one of my friends who already does this asking her if she would mind if I started to. I hope she says no. The next step would then be to talk to a wonderful couple to see if they would be interested in helping me out. I really hope it works... But untill I get a definitive answer, I can't really talk about what "it" is. So, stay tuned I guess...

This definately has cheared me up though :]
Flight of the Conchords "Bret, You've Got It Going On"

And here's the recipe's that are up for votes this week!
They're kind or everywhere this week, lol
1. Red Lentil "Garlic Mashed Potatos" [19 grams of protein per serving!]
2. Irish Soda Bread
3. Kidney Bean and Cauliflower Coconut Curry

Remember to vote *here* for your votes to count!

OX, Mae