It's already THURSDAY?!?!?

Ok, I really shouldn't be apologizing for not updating regularly, but sheesh, I just can't get back in the groove of this!
Tuesday was Eamon's day off. We went to Super H Mart in Carrolton and bought a ton of fresh and frozen fish. It's a Korean supermarket that has an overwhelmingly huge produce and seafood department. Compared to other "ethnic" markets we've been too, this is the best. Well lit, clean, and a huge variety. [Of course Lily wakes up now...]
Wednesday I stayed home from bible study because we are trying to work out our car situations, and hated mission all my moms.

Lily's been a handful so I didn't do much but the regular house chores. OH and meal planning, AND two weeks worth of grocery shopping!

So Lily woke up like an hour ago and was super clingy. She woke up from about an hour and a half nap and just wants to sleep on me...She feels warm, so I'm just keeping her in the moby. So, alas. I tried. But I'm just going to read