Flight of the Conchords Friday

I love reading my blog list lately. Everyone is gearing up for Valentine's Day and it's all starting to look sooo pretty!

A lot has been going on here. For example, yesterday, WE GOT A FOOT OF SNOW! It was so awesome...well...untill we lost power.

Keeping it short today For VDay, here is Flight of the Conchords "Ladies of the World"

And also for Vday, the vote this week for food...all desserts, [you're welcome las]

1. The classic- Chocolate Chip Chewies
2. The overindulgent- Burke Brownies
3. The Simple- Eve's Apples

VOTE here in the comment section. I'll post the winning recipe, Valentine's Day morning [to give you time to prepare for that evening!]

Tomorrow I will be reviewing In the Defense of Food, Real Food, and  Häagen-Dazs new ice-cream Five,

Have a wonderful weekend!