On the move

Since Lily is asleep...aaaand, nevermind...one sec.
I swear, she has to have a little hidden baby pager in her diaper that goes off any time I try to get down to business!

Now it's play time-I guess.

Well, anyhow, back to my story.
2010 was FANTASTIC, until...2:00ish?
I was working on a mixed media cartoon of Lily and by the time 2 came along... I hated it... who knows, maybe tomorrow I can salvage it, but after working several hours on it...ugh... I just don't want to.

If this gives you any clue to how my day went: I got home over an hour ago, and haven't put away the groceries. The advantage/curse of being a vegetarian.

Today, and yesterday...and the day before have really made me HATE where I live. My apartment complex is driving me crazy.
I here my next door neighbors snore, YES SNORE! every night.
My upstairs neighbors salsa dance with elephants and do it-constantly! Which would be slightly better [ok I lied, it wouldn't] if they were married
The water has been on and off every day for the past three days therefore I cannot wash my clothes OR Lily's diapers...[can you see the steam from my ears from where you are?] Which means Eamon is going to have to pick up diapers from Kroger on his way home...ACK!
It is awesome that we aren't on the streets, but we're about to be in the nut-house I tell ya!

On top of all this Lily is crawling...well mobile in every way that is close to crawling. And dangit..I just don't know what to do! I never realized there is so much crap on my floor! I'm CONSTANTLY cleaning, but it still looks like a disaster area in here. She has found everything from bottle caps to my underwear, to a dead spider [her personal favorite], to every last piece of scrap that has escaped the rigorous efforts of my failing eyes, trusty broom, and borrowed vacuum cleaner.

Well to brighten my spirits, I have been drooling over some picks of how my family would LOVE to move :]

This post has taken me...an hour. good. grief. charlie brown.