I almost forgot!

This weekend has been GREAT!

I was super encouraged by a wonderful card/gift from an anonymous person[s] that I wish I was able to thank. If you read my blog [I have a feeling you do!] THANK YOU! I hope that one day I am able to help others out the exact same way [you know, because we always get to pick out what the Lord wants us to do] the Lord keeps allowing others to help me.

I also have learned to make me chores a little more managable  so I have had some great time to play with Lily! She is at THE FUNNEST stage yet! [It seriously just gets better and better!] We have played, chased each other around the house, learned [I thiiink] that you can't go through glass, and been entertained by some cute baby in the mirror that snuck in our house ;] [strangly enough, she looks just like Lily. Mind-blowing, I know.] Tonight we also learned that she can sit herself up! It's awesome, she rolls on her belly to her side, and then up she goes! She's so thrilled with herself!

And this evening I went with Katie to White Settlement to get a rocking chair I found on Freecycle. We hatched plans for one awesome little two year old's birthday present, made fun [sinners] of some horrible drivers, tried to understand why Lily hates "The Coach", aaand learned that two nursing mothers are apparently incapable of folding down a bench. I don't know how we function together, but thank God we do!

I've also had the opportunity to share my diet with a few of my friends this weekend. It's so awesome to have access to the awesome things I've learned about food, and then get to teach others, without judgement.

The other night while watching The Daily Show with: John Stewart we saw this interview with Micheal Pollan. He is the author of The Omnivore's Dilimma: The Natural History of Four Meals and was promoting his new book, Food Rules: An Eaters Manuel. Whether you like/agree/have-a-crush-on John Stewart or not; you should definately check out this interview [linked above]. I definately will be reading that book soon.

Some more on my family's food :]
I promised to share my pizza recipe, which I soon will, but first I want to tell you about today's shopping trip.
I can rarely shop for a whole weeks worth of food usually for lack of funds, as well as lack of octopus arms. But today, with the help of my husband, I DID IT!

7 Days, 21 meals [yup, we discussed it, and I have to start making b-fast now!], lots of snacks, and 3 foodies later....drumroll...$93! What what?!?! That is including non meal/snakc related items like;
Olive Oil
King Arthur Bread Flour [to die for, I don't know how I made it THIS long without it!]
freezer bags
which adds up to about $14!
I am very, very happy with this. I plan on prepping some of the veggies that'll be used later in the week for the freezer as well as some of Lily's veggies. Eamon also has to go by North Richland Hills Farmer's Market [its ON Davis, but I think this is actually what it's called? whatev] to get eggs and organic avacados. Krogers were DOUBLE what their reg avacados were, so we didn't get any :[ and Lily was very, very mad when I ate some without her!

Ok now the long awaited pizza recipe. I will give you the "you've never had pizza this amazing" version with sidenotes to what I do on lazy nights :]
From start to finish, this pizza can take anywhere from an hour to make, to an all day, B-E-A-utiful event.

First, the dough
It is SO. EASY. [and stolen from Michelle Monk]
1 TBS active dry yeast [or whatever yeast method you usually go with]
1 cup warm water (105-110 degrees)
2 1/2 cups flour. [you can use all purpose, but trust me, even if you just use half of King Author's Bread Flour, you will notice a HUGE difference]
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp salt
2 TBS olive oil [plus some to coat the dough with during the rise]

  • Dissolve yeast in water [about 5 minutes? I usually do this while getting the rest of the ingredients together]
  • Stir and add in the rest of the ingredients
  • Dump on to floured surface and kneed [You want a tight skin when you roll it in to a ball that doesn't tear] [WATCH ALTON BROWN'S EPISODE ON PIZZA DOUGH!]
  • Let rise [now, you can do this for 15-30 mins, or hours at a time, the choice is yours!
  • once ready to work with the dough, preheat oven to 450 with your pizza stone inside
  • on floured surface, roll [or toss/stretch!] dough into your desired shape
  • Add sauce, cheese, veggies
  • Bake 12-15 minutes
  • Makes two really good sized pizzas! Eamon and I eat about one and a half now!

Just so you know this is what we do for toppings:
Sauce- Hunt's tomato paste. It's actually all natural! No preservatives or funky oils! One tiny can makes two pizzas worth!
Seasoning- We buy Sprouts "Garlic and Herb" mix from their spice bulk section and generously sprinkle it over the sauce
Cheese- Again, we love Sprout's selection the best. This past week we just used mozzerella and parmessian. Sometimes [like this week] we add feta, YUM
Veggies- we never add meet bc I'm a vegetarian, and Eamon thinks there is something sacreligious about putting pork on pizza, so we always add just a few veggies. DON'T CROUD THE PIZZA! The veggies won't cook properly.
And lastly- We top it off with a splash of olive oil and salt and pepper.

I hope you had an equally awesome weekend!