Frigid Foolishness

Today is extremely cold here today! We're talkin below 0 with windchill tonight! Ah! That means that Lily and I have been having a ball! I'm trying to get her to crawl by the time he comes home for lunch. She's taking a breaky-break right now for her afternoon nap [please no more power naps!] but will be up 'n' at 'em as soon as she's recooped.

*I'm currently listening to NPR's Fresh Air interview with Raiin Wilson, can I just say I LOVE HIM, and his name, very heavily considering naming one of our children Raiin. It's pronouced like Ryan but with long vowels! LOVE it!*

We braved the freezing temps this morning to go to Kroger to get food for the next few days so I won't have to go out in any more of this weather. I wanted to share with you my grocery list :]
Eamon gave me $35 in cash for my spending limit. As I ate my cereal [I HATE having cereal most mornings, but we were out of eggs] and fed Lily sweet potatos [uh-dor-uh-ble]I came up with our meals for the next few days.

A quick look at our weekly plan
Monday: Italian
Tuesday: Easy [this is Eamon's day off, so whatever he wants-we eat!]
Wednesday: Legums
Thursday: Asian [This usually means Thai, Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese, etc]
Friday: Soup or Stew
Saturday: Pizza :] [always homemade, its RIDICULOUSLY cheap!]
Sunday: Cleanse [we try to eat only what we would eat on SP Cleanse's 21 Day Cleanse as part of our Sabbath]

So this morning I had to think about;
Lunch and supper for today, Friday, and Saturday and here's what I came up with:
Thursday: I have Rotini and Shells in the cupboard so I decided to use that for pasta for lunch. I found this recipe last night and decided I MUST try it tonight for supper
Friday: For lunch I plan to use some of the noodles that we don't use tonight to make Pad Thai, and for supper kidney bean and couliflower curry. It is absolutely delicious! I found the recipe in one of my favorite cookbooks Fresh from the Vegetarin Slow-Cooker. I learned SO much from that book!
Saturday: I'm not sure about lunch yet, so that I did admiltingly fail, but for supper, as always its pizza night! I'll post my recipe for it then :]

Now for the proof:
Here is what my receipt looked like today [so I don't have to type"organic" everything I will just put an "O" on all organic produce :]
Onion .89
Roma tomato .28
O Cauliflower 2.79
Broc [Kroger's organic brocoli was disgusting! wilted and moldy...yuck! Lily can't have any now >:/ ] 1.78
O Lemon .72
O Avocados 2.78
O Bananas .73! [They were on sale bc they were "ripe"!]
O Almond Milk 1.99 [Again, on sale!]
Speghetti sauce 2.00
Peanut Sauce 3.49 [my most expensive purchase, something we consider a "specialty item"]
Kidney beans .84
Kidney beans .84
Coconut water .89 [Lily's been dehydrated lately and our chiro suggested this!]
Coconut water .89
Coconut milk 1.39
Hunts tomato paste .85
Cage free eggs 2.39 [did not go to the farmers market, have you been outside?]
Flat bread 2.49
Tofu 1.79
Soba Noodles 2.49
AND a BPA free sippy cuppy thing for Lily for, drumroll... 1.99! [ON SALE!]

All of this for a grand total of $34.46!

Well, Eamon is on his way home so I need to get lunch started!
I hope this helped, even though I know my realization of the time has made me totally loose my train of thought.
Leave a comment with any questions you may have!