Flight of the Conchords Friday

 First and foremost,
one of the two [overdue!] friends I have been waiting on to have her baby [both surprises!] had her TEN POUND, NINE OUNCE baby boy this morning at home! could not be more excited! I woke up in little intervals all night and this morning to keep praying for her, and to find out she did SO great is just so awesome! Congrats Scott and Kate!
[Stephanie, you're next!]

Ok, so I've decided to add a new feature on Fridays. Flight of the Conchords Friday's. Flight of the Conchords are a hilarious comedy troupe from New Zealand that have a show on HBO. We rented it on Netflix and have seen all of season one and can't wait for season one to come out. SO every friday, I'll try to post something related to them, until I run out of material!

Last on the agenda this morning, recipes :]
I want to know what you wanna see on the blog this Sunday. Here are the three contenders for this week:
1. My Hummus recipe [waaaay better than that Saba crap]
2. my Chewy chocolate chip recipe
3. My Spank-a-pita [formally Spanikopita] recipe

leave me a note in the comment section and see if your recipe wins!
Voting open til Sunday morning, and the losers will get a second chance in weeks to come!

and now the always hilarious, mildly inappropriate, oddly attractive
Bret and Jemaine