A very, very unbirthday to me!

Today is my half birthday :] I am 20 and a half years of age, haha!

I'm grabbing a quick snack [Soba noodles, YUM] before I make supper [that makes little sense... I know!] and chocolate chip cookies to go with our UNBELIEVABLE raw milk that Kate brought me the other day. It's like whipped cream compared to my wimpy almond milk! I was looking up soba noodles for the link above and found this recipe! DEFINITELY will be trying that tomorrow night!

Today was so good!

Got up early to put some laundry in the wash before we ran errands. Got adjusted, and ran into one of my midwives [<3!] Then Eamon and I parted our ways as I went to bible study and he went to work. It's been...threeish, maybe four weeks since we've all got together due to births and the holidays. But this morning most of us were able to enjoy eachother's company and talk about all the things that have been going on the past month! I'm SO blessed to have these women. We use simular parenting techniques [Lily just did her pterodactyl tell from her bed...to nurse her back to sleep, or not to nurse her back to sleep. I swear we had this conversation earlier!] [oh and if I don't, she'll just crawl, ahem, scoot in here, since our bed is on the floor. wah, wah, wah] have babies at all stages, and are IN LOVE with Jesus. It's always a day of the week that I look forward to.

Any way, after that we came home. Lily played as I checked my blogs [my FB withdrawal is starting to kill me!] and then out of pure exauhstion, I got Lily to take an hour and a half nap with me...too bad I kept waking up to see what time it was. ugh. Then Eamon came home for lunch [Hooray!] which was so much fun! I LOVE preparing Lily little meals with us. She loves sitting at the table with us and gettin down on her veggies :] she's so cute. After all of that I cleaned up the house some, and played with Lily a TON before she needed a cat nap. I recovered a rocking chair that I have that was my mom's since she was a baby[!] and it turned out better than I expected. Then the funnest part came! Lily woke up and we did a tour of the house, scootin style! I had her follow me around and it was just awesome! All night she has been taking these two and three step/crawl-thingies. I think that by her half birthday she will be crawling! That's just two days away!

Well, it took me almost exactly ten minutes to get her back to sleep! not bad!

I've totally lost my train of thought, so off to pick up my house before the Eamon comes home! Hope you all stay bundled up tonight for the "Artic Blast!" that's coming in :]