A Lazy Saturday Would Be Ideal Part 1

While Lily lazily lunges about the living room, I will try to get my blogging done for today, instead of waiting til the twilight hours of the interwebs. Because today my friends, is a very chaotic day indeed!

I have on my list of To-dos:
[blugh---I just found a red spot in one of my hard boiled eggs....oh no]
Find somewhere to do my laundry. To save you the same headache I have since acquired from this nauseating experience I will just say that Lily has no clean diapers, and Eamon no clean socks...I bet this place REAKS!
--aaand there's the text! Katie, you are a lifesaver my friend! My family's noses, feet, and butts thank you kndly!

Now off to go wash said stinky stash!
I'll be back!

*loving alliteration today, can you tell?