Recoop, Recover, Re...start over

Ok, after the Boom, Boom, Bust of a Craft Show last night, I'm switching gears.
Wife mode, Baby mode, Christmas mode have been LOOOONG ignored.

Eamon was gracious enough this past week to say "do whatever you need to do to get ready for the craft show" and didn't mind if he came home to some laundry on the floor. Such a sweet man :]

So today I'll be doing lots of cleaning [actually, I'm pretty surprised that the house isn't in worse condition than it is.] A meal plan [I'm going to try and buy groceries for the WHOLE week so I don't have to shop every other day...wha???]

So I have TONS to talk about, but Lily pretty much climbed Mt Everest this morning as far as 5 month old feats are concerned, so I've gotta sweep..and put things up on high shelves, and hide anything electrical, valuable, and choke-able.