I have never been so disappointed by lemon and butter.

Never in my life.

Don't get me wrong, there are few things that you can do to lemon butter to make it taste awful and not awesome. so what we had was still put to good use, but man...am I ever bummed that it didn't work!

If you're not up to speed- last night I attempted Hollandaise sauce. I tried and tried for about 20 mins and it just wasn't setting. Eamon came home and pointed out it was because I was using a glass bowl. [no laughing, please] So on with the metal bowl I went! It was going FAN-TASTIC guys! Eamon even took video of the blessed event on his G1! I was so happy! And then it happened...my arm started to tire. Eamon decided to switch me duties for Lily duty...

Y'all...I tried to hard not to look disappointed when Eamon said "Aww man!"

I went in the kitchen, and suddenly my wonderfully creamy, buttery, lemony concoction was...butter. And lemon. and eggs. I'm tryin REAL hard not to blame it on my Iron Chef of a husband, because that is a lie, and I know it just got too hot because of our stupid electric stove, BUT I probably would have taken it off if the heat...just sayin.

Still don't know what to do about a present for Eamon! Just ordered some Baby Legs from Hip Green Baby for Lily and I have some presents in the work for my family...but Eamon? Ugh.

Have a DARLING day!