I can...Can I do it?

ok, what do you get when you add a Mae to a Fro?
Hopefully a darn good day.

[Totally just realized that "darn" is one letter away from being "damn". Not That I changed "damn" to "darn" as to not offend any of my "readers"...whoever you are-please forgive me for using the word "damn". I was trying not to but turns out I just did...three times. damn.]

I am not going to stress, no really.

I have a craft show tonight and I REALLY hope we get some turn out...Kinda scared. SO I still have a few flowers to make [basically a BUNCH of poinsettias, bc I forgot...]
But before then I have a friend coming over for a lunch...that I don't have any food for [?] and meet my hubby for lunch...
I think I can I think I can I think I can...

pray for me to get through today without loosing my mind. and my potty mouth.