God is Love and Love is Real

So I've been meaning to update...nearly every day I write a post in my head to share with you, my blogging family, but...well, things happen.

But this is important, and I need to just type it- even if Lily wakes to nurse, I will practice my new, quite impressive, acquired skill of one handed typing.

Fall has always been a blissful season for Eamon and I.
[Already...I'm tearing up already...]
Since the Fall of 2004 we have been madly, often foolishly, in love. With the cooler temperatures that the season bring, we are both less temperamental and more amiable, making for quite a team.
The past week or so, we've been seeing the possibility of a weather change here in Texas. The cool rain has come, and might leave us to steam for a few more weeks...months...but we know the drought is over and the time to rejoice in Our Father's beautiful amber colored terrarium is slowly approaching.

Yesterday I was running errands with Lily, trying to keep her dampened curly mohawk dry while running in and out of stores and friends abodes. We finally made it home, and I placed her in her bouncing chair and just starred at her. The complete, and perfect might I add, depiction of Eamon's love for me, and mine for him.
I looked out in the rain through the window behind her and remembered being 15 years old in Rockport sitting at the beach watching the storms roll in over the bay in November. I told him he HAD to get out of the car and kiss me- just like in the movies. We couldn't stop laughing! It was too ridiculous to take serisously. So he kissed me, hugged my sopping wet self, and shivered his way back in the car.
All of that to say, even from the beggining, we have had our own way of doing things, even though we try unoriginal methods along the way.

But looking at Lily, looking at her beautiful skin, big eyes, auburn hair, tiny toes...I became very ready start this new season in my life, one that will once again coincide with the changing of the leaves, in a very unoriginal way. Lily is going to be raised in the way of our Father. I will look to those who are well versed in rearing a child and ask them for the time tested methods in becoming the mother God has created me to be. This season I believe has spread itself before me to learn to be TRUELY compassionate, learn Servitude as it is preached, and learn the gentle whisper of a strong woman instead of the fierce roar of an abrassive Earthly woman. These are all things I've been convicted of for about a year now, but I think that my plans and God's plans are finally synced.

I don't know how all of this will play out, but I am reaching out to ask for a little bit of support...again :]
Accountability and encouragment are going to be imparitive I think...
But, in Jesus name...I'm ready. I am really ready.