On a lighter note-

I really looked forward to confiding to this pregnant womens club that once seemed so exclusive and finding comfort there. And please don't get me wrong, there are tons of people who have been nothing but encouragement, its always the negative that effects us the most.
What I found out about this club is that... not only is it non existant but there are really two clubs, Club A and Club B. Let me ellaborate.

Club A:
Club A was specifically established for women who know everything, always win, and listen with their mouth not their ears. This cloth diaper is a waste of time money, and fashion space in my hamper; my birth environment is the only correct environment; my experience with pregnancy and labor (even if you choose to do the same) can never be matched and will always be more painful, or the easiest, or the longest or shortest, or the most extreme in any qualifier you can think of REGARDLESS.

Club B:
Club B has not been defined or established because these moms are linked together by the fact that they are awesome, understanding, intuitive and above all, LOVE Christ-so there is no reason for clubs.

Don't everyone try to jump in to Club B, it automatically earns you a quarterly membership in Club A.

so you see...
I need find out how to do this thing on my own...but not alone...