Home Management with Ellory Rose

We are in the middle of a big move from one post-Harvey temporary home to another and my lack of home organization and management is majorly catching up to me

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There are boxes piled in nearly every room of carefully curated belongings, but what is left is kind of an overwhelming mess.

I recorded an Instagram Live story (and posted it to my Facebook page) talking a little bit about my shortcomings as a homemaker. Erin, of Ellory Rose, on the other hand, is a fantastic homemaker, and has decided to share her organizational skills and beautiful design style with us by creating and selling this binder. Erin is a fellow homeschooling Rockport local, mother of three boys and I am thrilled to share her business with you. She is graciously offering Mae Burke Photography followers 45% off their planner today & tomorrow (06.19 & 20) using the code "MAE45) at checkout! That's only $16.69 for over 100 pages of instantly downloadable goodness that keeps all important information organized in one place, helps create a peaceful home, and is totally editable. Visit this link for all the info!

I'll see you all in a few weeks when we get settled in!


Courtney and Chase Welcome Cecile | Rockport Family Photographer

I often feel like I'm quickly disconnecting from the newborn world

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The blurred days and weeks (and months) of sleep deprivation, an aching body, an overflowing fountain of emotions, all tangled up with an identity shift. 

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Courtney and Chase have been nothing but joyous to get to know as new parents. Their excitement for their daughter is contagious, and just as I thought I couldn't relate to that "new mom" feeling anymore, I turned to complete mush and was sucked right back into the days of smelling like sour milk, but completely engulfed in the smell of my baby's head when Courtney sent me this email

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"Oh man, motherhood... So many emotions. Nothing could have ever prepared me for the instantaneous love I felt for my child. It's truly indescribable, but I will try. It's like my heart just exploded at 12:02am April 3, 2018. I remember being in the hospital, looking at Chase, and saying, "I feel complete." I'm not usually an at-ease person because I'm too busy worrying about something, but after Cecile arrived I felt so calm. Like I was meant for this and she was meant for me."

"I'm sure every mother has had these emotions. None are specific to me, but with that said... I feel like I'm now part of this special club. I get what it's all about. It's THE deal in life. Nothing else matters as much as it did before. I look at all the wonderful mothers I know, particularly my own mother, with a new kind of profound respect. One that is only felt when you too have been through something so life changing."

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"I feel like I need to mentioned my husband. Chase has been truly amazing throughout the entire time little Ceil has been with us. He was wonderful during my pregnancy, but absolutely awesome (the word is terribly overused these days, but I actually mean it) with our baby. I look at him and I'm mesmerized by his interactions with her. Not that I didn't expect him to be an incredible father, it's just so fun to be in the presence of a little girl and her daddy. He melts daily. His love for her and his involvement has been incredible to watch. "

"I feel like the pictures Mae Burke took reflect our happiness in the simplest form. We are both so in love with our child and she captured that perfectly! I'm so so glad we chose to do newborn photos. You know the moment you're faced with a cat 4 hurricane heading straight towards you and you have to decide what to grab? These pictures will be at the top of the list."

Getting to take part in such a huge transition in someone else's life isn't something I take lightly. And to see that my clients are going to be wonderful parents?! Even better. Thank you Courtney and Chase for opening up your little pocket of love for me to peak into.

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I find so much joy in photographing expecting couples, babies, and families in Rockport, Texas - For more information on these sessions, visit my shop or email me at hello@maeburke.com for more info on booking a session with me.

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celebrating mama in 2018

Mother's Day is always a very busy time of year for me as a Motherhood photographer. I've spent nearly a decade celebrating mothers through photos and this year I'm excited to have a lot going on as a result of that work.

First up, as an Unraveled Academy Contributor I am THRILLED to present Mother Lovin' Self Care. In this course, you will learn about reasons and ways to care for yourself first so that you can give more to those who need you.

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Here's a snippet:
"Many years of my life, starting in about the fourth grade, have been spent thinking about or pursuing ways to change my body. I have spent so much mental energy thinking about my my stomach, my thighs, butt, breasts, knees, chin, nose aren’t skinny, or full, or round, or perky, or smooth or whatever the hell society has told me they should be. [...] Self portraiture is a powerful healing tool and creative exercise, and I challenge myself to get in the frame at least once a week. When I share these images, I’m not only conquering fear of disapproval, but helping other mamas feel like they aren’t alone in their skin or in their spirit."

Find out more about Unraveled Academy's membership program, and get in on my course, I'd love to see you there.

Next, I am so thrilled to share that my friend Hollie over at First Baptist Church in Rockport is hosting a Mother's Day dinner Friday, May 11th for single mothers in our community. I have previous obligations, but know that my oldest daughter, Lily, is excited to serve at this event. If you are available to help pamper these women this night, know a single mama, or are one yourself, please contact the number on this flyer for more details.

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Single mothers are among the most marginalized groups in our society, and I would love to see those in our community honored and loved.

Also in line with treating mama to some good food is the Mother's Day Brunch I am hosting with Glow.

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This popular mom-boss owned restaurant (the BEST brunch spot in town!) hosts a wonderful brunch every year and I thought it would be amazing to team up with her to celebrate motherhood in our own unique way. Make sure you give Glow a call to reserve a table and don't be shy, say hello!

And finally 

I've teamed up with Kyla Ewert Photography and Ginger Unzueta Photography to produce an inspiration guide that not only encourages you to take pictures of your children, but to spend time with them. We want you to go beyond using your children as props and fully enjoy the summer you get to have with them while using your creative gift.

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*If you love shooting everyday and are looking for some inspiration
*If you need a little extra push to get started shooting everyday, or every few days
*If you just love beautiful photography
This guide is for you.
No big girl fancy camera required

We are releasing the guide this Mother's Day (Sunday, May 13) for presale. Follow this link to get updates and be the first to know when it goes live.

In between all of these amazing events, I get to do what I love - photograph motherhood for some amazing women and their families visiting Rockport & Port Aransas this weekend. I find so much joy in photographing expecting couples, babies, and families in Rockport, Texas - For more information on these sessions, visit my shop or email me at hello@maeburke.com for more info on booking a session with me.