2017 365

A Picture Everyday (sort of) for 2017
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This year my 365 only consisted of about 200 pictures, but I am so glad that I didn't let the inconsistency of my shooting prevent me from shooting altogether. Watching this year's slideshow is much different than previous years. Looking back at our old apartment and the memories we had there is much different than looking at images of us in our house that was destroyed. Some very happy times were had there, and the destruction of the building cannot take away those memories thanks to my camera.

I chose this song because it was the hymn that my daughters studied this year. In fact, they did their presentations on it the day before we evacuated for Hurricane Harvey.
The words have been our anthem, our comfort, our hope.

More than ever, this year of memories has reinforced the importance of what I do for my children and my clients. Thank you for being with me through it all.

XO, Mae

keri & baby number three

Keri is a dear friend of mine.
She's the first person I met when I moved to Fort Worth when I was 18.
She was a roommate, in my bridal party, a confidant, a blesser, a bs-caller-outter, a shoulder to cry on, and a whole lot more. 
She introduced me to her mother, a visionary in the birth community who shaped me as a woman and was with me when I birthed two of my daughters. Her passing last year was a loss I was not prepared for. When Keri confided in me that she was pregnant, I looked at my husband in outright joy followed by immediate and complete heart break - because Ann wouldn't be there.
From afar I've watched this amazing woman grow physically and spiritually in ways I didn't even know were possible. I was over-the-moon excited when we hatched a plan to sneak away this weekend to shoot at a location very near to her, her honeymoon getaway.

Since 2011, Keri has been a muse and encourages me in my creative efforts like few can or do. I'm thankful for her friendship and am FREAKING OUT over the fact that a little baby boy Duckett will soon be joining the world.







Here are some words from Keri

Duckett Maternity Session Austin and Fort Worth Maternity Photography by Mae Burke-21.JPG
This pregnancy has been a whirlwind of love, joy, grief, excitement, and transition. The boy I’m carrying was created just 6 months or so after the most devastating loss I had experienced. I’ve travelled this pregnancy without my Mom, who was my midwife, my deepest friend, and the best Grammy to all of my kids. My son has journeyed with me in the closest of ways as I have navigated through grief, learning to live and love and drink deeply again of the joys that life offers. While he is not the source of my healing, his nearness growing inside of me and the tenderness of knowing there is new life happening has forever changed me as a woman.
The photos Mae captured are more than just a pretty location or the right accessories. She captured the story. The feelings. I find it especially interesting how she captured the contrast even in the lighting. Darkness and shadows intertwining with the glow of warm sun on my face. This, this is what this pregnancy has been. Beautiful and deep and meaningful. This is more than just photography, and I’m more grateful than ever to have it.

Thank you again, friend, for traveling so far while there's a bowling ball on your bladder to see me and catch up. I love you!

Are you in the Austin area? I'll be shooting there at the end of November and Mid-December.
I will also be in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area the first weekend of December
(to see this precious new babe!) and to photograph more of my favorite DFW people.

If you are interested in a session, please visit the shop or email me at hello@maeburke.com

kovak family waiting for baby

Rachel and her husband are the kind of people who get excited when they invite someone over. When I invite someone over, I'm secretly counting down the minutes until I get my "me time" again, but Rachel and Dan, I can see the giddiness in their faces every time I ring their doorbell.

Kovak Family Maternity Session in San Antonio by Mae Burke-46.JPG

Rachel is a student turned client turned friend who teaches me about hospitality, selflessness, and kindness every timeI'm around her. I was absolutely thrilled to be able to photograph her and her loving family as they wait for the arrival of their newest baby girl

Kovak Family Maternity Session in San Antonio by Mae Burke-1.JPG

From Rachel
"As a mother of five, soon to be six, children, I see now more clearly than ever the truth in the poem "Babies Don’t Keep". Babies don’t keep... and neither do toddlers or children or pre-teens. I am acutely aware of that feeling that time is slipping through my fingers.

Kovak Family Maternity Session in San Antonio by Mae Burke-3.JPG

"I often contemplate the Psalm: “Teach us the brevity of life that we may grow in wisdom.” These days with my children at home are so precious to me and have been my motivation to be a photographer myself, if only a hobbyist."

"Yet even with the very best intentions, with a long to-do list, I often miss capturing the everyday moments that I hold so dear. And as the one behind the camera, it is rare for me to be in the photo with my children, even though I spend every day with them as a homeschooling mom.

"It was such a gift to have Mae come into our home to take photos of our family, capturing a glimpse of our everyday, in a way that was artful and beautiful. I feel so awkward in front of the camera but she put me completely at ease. She urged us not to smile at the camera but to just be ourselves. She talked with us throughout the shoot and it felt like connecting with an old friend. She captured authentic connections between us and that is what I treasure most of all. These are the moments I want to remember forever, not a staged photoshoot in a field where everyone forces a smile at the camera. I couldn’t be happier with Mae’s work. She is a true artist."

I can't wait to revisit this family in a few months to meet the new little person they welcome into their love. Thank you, Rachel, for allowing me into this beautiful time in your life.

I will be visiting San Antonio more frequently as well as Houston, Austin, and DFW.
Dates are scheduled for November through March in select cities.
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