In 2017, Clickin Moms teamed me up with four other Click Pros to produce a group breakout that takes you behind the scenes of how we scout for locations, shoot, and edit our images.

"Run do not walk to get this breakout!! I have bought several breakouts including Kyla and Mae’s before purchasing this one and the combination of all of these fabulous ladies in one breakout for this price is amazing! It has been so fun to see the different styles of shooting as well as editing all in one package. I am a predominant Lightroom user and to see all the tricks you can do with the HSL panel has been enlightening... They have included a great PDF as well as so many videos to show and teach you how to make an image come to life. I am so inspired!"

"I am just a mom who loves to photograph my kids, I am always looking for ways to improve my skills. My point is, this Breakout is Awesome whether you are new to photography, dabble in it or are all out professional, this Breakout is for you. There is something for everyone and you can pick and choose what works for you. The information you find here is invaluable, it will definitely push your creativity. It will make you see light in a new way, and pockets of new locations to shoot in, as they say it allows you to see and take the ordinary and make them extraordinary, just from different angles and light, creating images you will be in love with.


  • How to make an ordinary location extraordinary through composition, perspective and processing
  • How five photographers create images in their signature style
  • How to transform any location– from urban to rural– into a beautiful backdrop for your subjects
  • Processing tips and tricks that you can use in your own work (Lightroom and Photoshop)
  • How to minimize a cluttered location through composition and perspective


  • A PDF with over 100 finished photographs with pullbacks and straight out of camera images
  • Over fifteen hours of video where the photographer takes you through each of her images, showing pullbacks and a start to finish edit
  • An interview about style and location with Candice Zugich, Kyla Ewert, Mae Burke, Elizabeth Blank, and Meg Loeks
  • Q&A Video

"So let’s be real, this breakout has hours upon hours of editing footage and for someone with the attention span of a gnat, that would not normally work…but you know why THIS WORKS IN THIS BO?! Because not only is it really useful information but it is really useful information from FIVE different amazing photographers! THAT’S 5 DIFFERENT ways of seeing light, and 5 different perspectives on editing, plus 5 totally different styles of photography! That is like 5 different breakouts in ONE! Mae's honesty and real world application were so much fun to hear and watch and her shooting videos were just perfection!"